Making milk Flane  MARCH 11, 2012

Hi guys.. I’m coming back with my new post.. :D
1st March , 2012 me and my group mates were making milk flan in our science lesson. It was related with our lesson, mixture. I was group with Edita, Ombun and Agam. We were supposed to bring the ingredients such as, 10 eggs, 1 condensed milk, 1 cup of fresh milk and 4 tablespoon of sugar. And to bring some materials such as portable stove, 1big kettle/ streamer, 1 baking pan, hand mixer and mixing bowl. The milk flane was good, but the caramel is a little bitter. From this activities I can learned that simply by mixing eggs, condensed milk, 1cup of fresh milk and some sugar, we can make milk flane. And in this activities I also learn that each member of the group should cooperate well.

Edita, Agam, Ombun and me

Thats all guys.. Wait for my other post..!

Division Of Labour  MARCH 11, 2012

We studied about cells and division of labour in science. We did some experiments, discussion and workbook activity. From our lesson, I learned that division of labour is the breakdown of one whole part into smaller group and more specific tasks for maximum efficiency.
For me, division of labour is important, because, division of labour help one whole system to work more efficiently.
It also works in our daily life. For example, our class teacher told us to clean the classroom in 30 minutes. It would take a long time if all of the student will sweep. So, we need to divide the student into a several groups. That’s what a division of labour means.
We also did a diagram about division of labour. I made the division of labour in Mangoes tree organization.

Division of labour starts from the small thing. For eample, in Mangoes tree, it start from the cells,

Experiment on tarch 

On 3 oct 2012, we did an experiments on starch test. We’e been told to plant mung been in two set up. One set up put in the dark place, and the other set up in the light place. Beside of that , we also clipped black paper in  the leaf with shape (my group’s shape is oval ).
We tested the starch by dipping the leaf on the iodine. The experiment was not succesfull at all. The mung been doesn’t grow well bcause I plant it lately. I planted it on Sunday morning, but I forgot to put it on the light place. Because it didn’t succes, so we test the other plant that we covered with black paper. But it also failed, because we forgot to tkae it while it was raining.

From this experiment, I learn that discipline is needed to do the experiment. We must follow instruction and be honest with our experiment.

Dish Garden and Me

(7 Nov 2012).

I did have fun time in decorating my dish garden, collecting some types of plant and moss, and decorating the plants so it would look nice. But it’s not as easy as you think. There are some struggles. Sometimes I forgot to spray the plants.

Besides that, there are some values I applied in planting and keeping the plants alive. Responsibility and Creative. Responsible to take care of the plants and creatively in arranging the plant.
It had been for 3 months, and my plants are still alive, even though the plants are dried. I realize that, it was because, I forgot to water it and because I left it for 2 weeks. I’m planning on adding some more plants, so it will be more colorful. I hope to be more responsible on taking care of my plants. Updating it, in every 2 weeks.

Here are my dish garden, before and after




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