Dish Garden and Me- Science

Dish garden is one of ornamental plants. Some plants were set inside dishware. It usually contains at least 3 types of plants

So, based on our learning in ornamental and large-scale plants, our Science teacher, Mrs. May, told us to make our own dish garden (7 Nov 2012).

I did have fun time in decorating my dish garden, collecting some types of plant and moss, and decorating the plants so it would look nice. But it’s not as easy as you think. There are some struggles. Sometimes I forgot to spray the plants.

Besides that, there are some values I applied in planting and keeping the plants alive. Responsibility and Creative. Responsible to take care of the plants and creatively in arranging the plant.
It had been for 3 months, and my plants are still alive, even though the plants are dried. I realize that, it was because, I forgot to water it and because I left it for 2 weeks. I’m planning on adding some more plants, so it will be more colorful. I hope to be more responsible on taking care of my plants. Updating it, in every 2 weeks.

Here are my dish garden, before and after



1 Comment

  1. Ms. May

    Your quite lucky Regina! Your plants survived even after 2 weeks of not having enough water. Look at the picture you took after that period, please add some moss again. Nice entry!

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