Our performance

Performing on 15th May 2012. “A night with music and dance, Yeah, it was the name of that event. We perform “You” song with the grade 8 students. The preparation was not easy. Because most of us can’t focus on our own part. Actually, there are way to make it easier, to remember you should focus on our own part and try to make our voice loud so that you will not follow the others. We were divided into 4 voices ; soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. Luckily, me and my classmates were only 16, so 4 students in each group of voices. Me myself, were in the soprano part. We had practiced for many times to make it as perfect as we can. We even practiced with the grade 8 students before the concert. For me, my part is not very difficult, as long as I tried my best and focus on my part. On Tuesday evening, May 15th 2012. I were so ready to come to school. I came to school with my red gown. Because the girls were told to wear gown and the boys were told to wear shirt. I also saw my friends with their nice gown and shirt. We were called, we entered the stage with a smile in our faces.I didn’t feel any nervous and I tried to sing as loud as I can, but unfortunately, we did something wrong at the middle at the song. But anyway, it was great =) And I heared so much claps after we finished our song.
Thankyou for Mr. Joseph, our music teacher to teach us with patience.

Maybe our performance is good enough, but I know, there will always be something that we can make it better 😀


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