Edu Trip =)

Yeiiy.. There’s edu trip for this year. Luckily, my parents allowed me to join the edu trip. 😀 We went to Batam and Singapore. We went on 17 May 2012, before we go, we had briefing at our school. We were divided into group. We were having our edu trip for 4 days and 3 nights.The first day, we went to Barelang bridge, it was awesome. That bridge was made by B. J. Habibie.Then, we went to Costarina Beach in Batam. We played there for about 2 hours. From costarina beach, we went for dinner.Then, we checked in to Hotel Sarijaya.
The second day, We went to Sekupang harbour  to cross over to Singapore. After we arrived in Singapore, we immediately went to universal studio. We are all separated from the group. I played 5 games. The most that I like is the Transfomers the Ride. Before we checked in to the inn, we had dinner. The third day, we went to Merlion Park, it was so beautiful. We also visited one of famous school in Singapore, it was Raffles Girls’ school. They had an open house, and they brought us around the school to se their both. Not only that, Me and my other 7 friends dance malay dance. I was a little bit nervous, but at all, It was good ^^
From RGS, we went to Science Center, I saw a lot of science project. It’s time to go back to Batam, we went back by ship. At Batam, we stayed overnight at the same hotel, Sarijaya. But that night is special, because it was our last day in Batam, me and others friend, played untill 1:30 am. I woke up at 6:00 because I slept late last night. Sunday, 20 May 2012, It was our last day of the edutrip. We went back to Pekanbaru by aeroplane. And I arrived home at 18:00. It was my first edutrip, and it was so awsome, even I feel so tired.


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