Activities week

photo by: Jennifer Joang

Hey guys 😀 Glad to see you again. Let me tell you my experience about activities week at my school.
14th May 2012, it was the first day of activities week, and it was Science day. Me and my classmat as a host in our science attractive science. We stayed at function room for about 2 hours. Me, with my partner, Agung, were so busy because many people come to our station. But at all, It’s really fun ^^

15th May 2012, It was Library Day, costum parade. We were also told to bring book with us all the time. There were also lucky draw, and i got it Yeiiy. We also have events in the night, It was…….. Me, my classmate and Grade 8 were singing “you”. There were also orchestra, and others after school activities that perfom

Photo by Jennifer Joang

16th May 2012, the last day of the activities week. It was international day. Me, and my other friends dance malay dance. Me and the other French students also sang a song. “je veux” it was the title of the song that we sang.

Photo by Jennifer Joang

photo by Jennifer Joang


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