Making milk flan

Hi guys.. I’m coming back with my new post.. 😀
1st March , 2012 me and my group mates were making milk flan in our science lesson. It was related with our lesson, mixture. I was group with Edita, Ombun and Agam. We were supposed to bring the ingredients such as, 10 eggs, 1 condensed milk, 1 cup of fresh milk and 4 tablespoon of sugar. And to bring some materials such as portable stove, 1big kettle/ streamer, 1 baking pan, hand mixer and mixing bowl. The milk flane was good, but the caramel is a little bitter. From this activities I can learned that simply by mixing eggs, condensed milk, 1cup of fresh milk and some sugar, we can make milk flane. And in this activities I also learn that each member of the group should cooperate well.

Edita, Agam, Ombun and me

Thats all guys.. Wait for my other post..!


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